Chamber Filter Press

The filter press is composed of a number of chamber filter plates, also referred to as recessed filter plate pack. The surface of the filter plate has sags and crests, which can be used to support the filter cloth. Through holes are available on corners and center of the filter plate. After assembly is done, a whole channel can be completed, which allows access to suspension liquid, wash water and filtrate. Handles can be found on the beam and installed on both sides of the filter plate. The filter plate has been fastened. The filter cloth which is placed between two filter plates has a sealing function.
Da Zhang Filtration Equipment Co.Ltd, established in Shanghai in 2004, is a professional filter press manufacturing enterprise. Meanwhile, we can provide our customers with complete solution for filter engineering. The main products provided by Dazhang Group include plate and frame filter press, chamber filter press, membrane filter press, belt filter press, stainless steel filter etc.
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