4L/5L Engine Oil Filling Machine Packing Line

4L / 5L Automatic engine oil filling machine packing line for lubricant car oils filler capper sealing 

Machine Name :  1-5L  Lubricant Oil Filling Machine Packing Line

Suitable for fill : Brake Oil / Car Oil / Motor Oil / coolant liquid / engine oil / Lubricanting Oil kinds Products

Filling Range : 1L-5L

Speed can be choosen : from 600BPH-2500BPH (basic on 5L )

Machines included (can be choosen):  Bottle unscramble --Filling Machine--Capping Machine -- Induction sealing machine -- Aluminum Foil detector and rejector --Labeling Machine --Date Printer -- Carton Packaging Machine -- Palletilizer

ZT-PACK focus on :

Bottle Unscramble - Filling - Capping - Induction Sealing - Labeling - Date Printer - Carton Packaging - Palletilizer

Gallon Motor Oil Filler Engine Oils Packaging Machine Filling Machine
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