Corrugated Sheet Cutting Machine

The cutter shaft transmission gear is installed with eccentric shaft to realize no-side clearance transmission with high precision. The transverse cutter is made of blade steel. Adopts flat structure fixed blade can be more stable and more suitable for cutting heavy and high toughness sheet, smaller shear force and longer blade life. The paper roller is wrapped with non-slip material with more wear-resistance and accurate size.
MAY KWA PRINTING MACHINERY is a Chinese company specializing in the production of color box post-printing equipment, corrugated board production equipment and corrugated box printing equipment. The main color box post-printing equipment include: Automatic die-cutting creasing machine, automatic stripping die-cutting machine, automatic stamping die-cutting machine, automatic laminating machine, automatic cardboard laminating machine, automatic high speed box folder gluer, automatic four-hex color box high-speed folder gluer, automatic window patching machine, automatic paper roll slitting machine.

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