Three Layer Micro Foam Sheet Co Extrusion Line

The production line is three-layer micro-foam co-extrusion line, which is mainly used in various steel plates’ packing, such as galvanized plate, cold-rolled sheet, stainless steel plate, and automotive steel plate. With advanced co-extrusion technology in global market, Xiaoshan successfully designed and developed the three-layer micro-foam co-extrusion line. The sheet extrusion line adopts three screws, which enables an even extrusion of plastic sheets. And the extruded plastic sheets could be of different materials if needed. Xiaoshan’s co-extrusion line supports a high production capacity of 1.2T for a single hour. Besides that, the production line features smooth surface, easy and stable operation, attractive appearance and etc. Meanwhile, it also enjoys large plasticizing capacity, fine foaming, high strength and strong resistance to corrosion and seepage. Therefore, Xiaoshan has gained the biggest market share in China – about 85-90%.

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